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Learn the truth about marketing your web site online

About 95% of all web sites are not making money or serving their original purpose. There are many reasons that contribute to this pitfall. Here are a few facts that might surprise you.

  • Many web sites are not able to be viewed by visitors with older computers.
  • The majority of web sites are wasting money on ineffective advertising that is not bringing targeted traffic to their web site.
  • Web sites are to complex and difficult for visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • Content written on web sites does not intrigue the visitor to take action or even read through it.
  • Web sites are not optimized for search engines and as a result they are not listed.
  • To many distractions on web site resulting in confusion and a quick exit for visitors.
  • Visitors are leaving web sites and never returning again because many web site owners are Not offering free information or special offers as a last resort to maintain contact with web site visitors.

Any successful online business requires hard work, time and a plan for success. Your duties might possibly include customer service by phone & email, fulfilling orders, warehousing, management and unexpected issues requiring immediate attention.

Your time should be spent improving your business and becoming more efficient. We would like to assist you in doing just that!

We would like to introduce you to a word called "kaizen". It means constant refinement or constant improvement by incremental change. The process of continually improving your entire business system.

Believe it or not, your current business system can be improved upon. We know you don't want to admit it, but it's true and that's why we created Do It All E Marketing--- to assist you with your current web site and business needs.

Once you really understand kaizen. It's about constant never-ending improvement of every part of your business.

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Why should you choose us?

We started with our own site, lose-inches-now.com. We had very little resources to start with, so we began to implement strategic Internet marketing techniques. Although we were growing, we just didn't have the financial backing to compete with the top sites in the weight loss industry.

We continued to test, learn and implement strategies for months. As you can see from the picture, our beginning was a very humble one, but in a few short months our web site began to produce profits!

emarketing proof  
search engine optimization

After the initial few months we had the resources to compete with some of the larger sites online. So we began spending more and began to compete head to head with the competition. Some of the competition were spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing. At this time, we began to realize many companies were wasting their advertising dollars.

We pressed on with different online marketing strategies and as a result, we made more money and got more web site traffic than our biggest competitors. (Even though they were spending thousands more in advertising!! ) By early 2003, we shattered all expectations.

internet consultant consulting  
e-commerce ecommerce consultant

After achieving these types of results for ourselves, we decided to start our own business and help other clients achieve similar results!

We began with our first client in January of 2003 and we helped fullbloomhydroponics.com become an industry leader. In less than five months!!! FBH.com has quickly become an online leader for gardening supplies.

Alexa ranks FBH.com the 32,577th most visited site on the Internet. If you download the Alexa toolbar on your computer, you can see what the most visited web sites are. Any web site ranked under 100,000 is doing a super job of marketing or spending a fortune in advertising. Luckily for you, we learned how to keep advertising costs down.

FBH.com was launched in January and as of May 13th averages $8,500 worth of product sales per month. The site has exceeded sales expectations and should have the initial investment repaid within the first year of business!

increasing traffic to web siteincrease online sales

Our next client at www.educationaltutorialservices.com just launched and is soon to become an industry leader for private tutoring. This new web site is already receiving a ton of quality traffic and will soon be one of our most notable clients. The impressive part about ETS.com is the back end which was created so the managers can run the company smoothly without the headaches that traditional businesses encounter.

emarketing consultingdo it all emarketing

The tutors can log in and maintain their account with ETS. This includes entering new hours with their students, entering progress reports for their students and entering the students' report cards. The tutors can also view their payroll information including current hours, paid hours and their pay rate for each student so they know how much they are earning. In addition to that, the back end allows parents to log in and check their child's activity with the tutor. The parents can view a dynamic progress report for their child. They can also view their current bill and past invoices. The entire payroll system now runs off the back end saving ETS time and lots of money.


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