E-Commerce Site
We designed, implemented and tested a complete e-commerce site. The site is currently ranked 32,577 in average traffic by Alexa. (This is an outstanding ranking for a niche site ) The site has exceeded sales expectations and should have the initial investment repaid within the first year of business! ( including site design, inventory, marketing etc. )

  We used ColdFusion 4.5, Javascript and Flash MX with a Flash Navigation system for easy navigation. The web site is powered by a Database which gives complete control of the products to the manager. We also have created a secure "back end" for the site. Usernames and passwords are used to restrict access to the back end. From the back end, the manager can update products, including uploading of pictures, changing price, place the product on sale and change the sale price. Basically the user has complete control of their own web site! The client does not need to call us for small changes.  
  This site also includes an API to the client's bank. This allows for secure, real time credit card processing. We made this process as quick and easy for the user as possible without compromising the security of the user's information. This also streamlines Full Bloom's handling of orders. There is also a mechanism built in to calculate shipping charge from Fed Ex. This gives the customers real time shipping quotes. The shipping costs are calculated by the weight, dimensions and destination of the package. There is also a feature for items where shipping cannot be calculated, this is in the back end.  

      Educational Tutorial Services
    This page is an extensive web application and is also geared to generating revenue. The page features a 5 page online assessment that collects all of the lead's information automatically. The information is stored in a database and is also sent to an employee assigned to handling the leads. These leads are then contacted via email or telephone. The site consists of approximately 50 content pages. We also Search Engine Optimized ( SEO ) many of the pages. The site has only been online for a few months, however profitability is right around the corner. Currently, upgrades are under way to totally automate the assessment process.
    In addition to the front end of the site, there is an extensive back end that is used by parents, tutors and managers. The back end allows parents to log in and check their child's activity with the tutor. They can also view their current bill as well as past invoices. The parents can also view dynamically generated progress reports. This allows the parents to stay informed about the status of their child's tutoring. The parents can also maintain their own account, by updating their address, username and/or password. The parents are automatically assigned and emailed their username and password when they are added to the system by a manager.
    The tutors can also log in and maintain their account. This includes entering new hours with their students, entering progress reports for their students and entering the students' report cards. The tutors can also view their payroll information including current hours, paid hours and their pay rate for each student. Each tutor can be assigned as many students as needed. The manager can also log in and maintain the tutors and parents. ( Add, delete or change all of the information ) The manager can also view all of the payroll and billing information. Payroll reports can be easily printed, this feature alone could save thousands.
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